❓Do you want to know how to get rid of analysis paralysis…

Then make sure you read this post because this is for you.

This is two of the steps in my Happiness Program I am going to share with you.

These are 2 simple steps that are incredibly powerful.

I get it.

There are a ton of things to do.

I have a son (FYI, he is my everything, my little gingerbread)

I have a productive and busy happiness practice.

Professional speaking with travel across the country.

The list goes on regarding responsibilities.

FYI success is a responsibility.

And I make sure I am in charge of it.

And so are you by continuing to read.

Let’s break this down:

)1 Stop thinking you have to do everything all at once.

It is killing your energy, time, focus, efforts, and most importantly...

Your spirit.

There is too much research out there proving and confirming that when attention is split, we get fewer things done.

For entrepreneurs, there is too much misinformation out there saying we have to do it all.

This is not true at all.

My suggestions is called the Law of Three’s

Even the phrase itself is 3 words.

I ask my clients to use the Law of Threes.

What does that mean?

We commit to 3 tasks at a time… Max.

You're not allowed to move on to the next 3 tasks until you get those done.

So, pick 3!

You might feel the urge to add another task once you take one off the list.


It is a trap!


If you do that your habits of moving slow, taking on too much will show back up.

Keep your head down and do 3 and once all are done then move on.

There is no task too small in this process.

Example with a screenshot.

My client was making great progress in his business.

He wanted to start focusing on paying his debt down and decreasing bills.

I taught him this principle.

Here is where he started.



It took him a full day, sure.

But he made progress.

Considering that full day just saved him over $2k a year.

He was growing his business pulling in $5k a month plus every day he completed 3 tasks related to his goals.

Like how much simpler can it be?

As we grew his income, he was reducing his bills. So guess what he gets to take home more.

More income means more time with family. That is my #1 priority.

It all started with getting him into action.

Only 3 things before you can move on.

Also as a side note.

The more you do this, the faster you get.

So what would normally take 2,3,4 hours takes 30 minutes.

Then you will be a productivity machine.

2) This a big 1

Plan out your day as best as you can.

Without having a schedule, you are not telling time what to do.

I repeat, if you do not have some sort of schedule whether loose or strict.

Time Is Telling You What To Do.

Don’t let time bully you.

No one likes a bully.

Most of the time when I look over my clients schedule.

At the beginning anyway.

It is not a schedule.

It is a wishlist.

What do I mean?

If you have your schedule time blocked.

Fancy markers.

All sorts of stationary.

With the whole day filled up.

It ain't gonna happen!

Just the look at it makes you say to yourself.

How the heck am I going to do all this in X hours.

And to be fair.

Sometimes you do knock it out of the park. Just do it the next day.

Or better do it for the next 4 days.

What happened to all the progress. It dwindles away, doesn’t it?

You are unconsciously telling yourself this is so daunting.

Or how can I keep this pace up?

Which in turn becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There is a more consistent way that makes you feel capable, accomplished but most of all repeatable.

Prioritize your day what top 3 things would make the most significant impact on your daily goals. ß-Catch that phrase daily goal?

Reduce your day down to the top 3 things that would make the most significant impact in your business.

It will feel impossible at first.

Ignore it.

That is “BUSY BRAIN” talking.

98% of the people are busy and not productive.

I have coached several hundred clients and it shows up in every client.

Here are a few questions that may help free your brain up.

What are the 3 tasks that would take, stress away from your business?

What are the 3 tasks I can do to ensure I will get a new client?

What is one thing I can do to increase my profits today?

What is something on my schedule I can delegate out to free my time and energy up?

Take these steps mentioned above.

Implement them immediately.

Thank me later superstar!

I hope this post was helpful for some.

What are your thoughts after reading it?

Let me know,

Vernon Brown