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Everyone is looking for magic key that will unlock their happiness, not realizing that we’ve been evading it all our lives. We take it for granted, getting caught up in the minutia of life, failing to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the things that are important to us. I believe your life truly begins when you make happiness a tangible commodity that is non-negotiable. Why is your happi important to me? Because happiness evaded me most of my young life. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I understood the value of happiness, which is somewhat of a backwards experience. Many people experience the wonder of childhood imagination and innocence, only to lose it as they grow older. Not me. Childhood wonder and innocence was foreign to me.

When you shatter a vase on the floor, it takes time to pick up the pieces and put it together. And, once it is put together, it’s never the same; it’s now more fragile than it was to begin with. I was that shattered vase. My grandmother was the glue that helped me begin to put pieces together when I moved in with her. She showed me how to be a child, something I’d never really known. My experiences taught me to be very observant of people, mostly as a defense mechanism to protect myself. My awkward stage extended into adulthood. I did not grow into the person you see before you today until I turned 20. At that point, I learned that being happy is not something life gives you; you have to seize it for yourself and control it. That’s one of the biggest challenges people face today; they are allowing someone else to hold the puppet strings on what makes them happy.

I share my story with you because I want you to know that no matter your circumstances, you have the power to claim happiness for yourself. My life experience has not only helped me learn the value of happiness for myself, but it has awakened a passion in me to help others claim that freedom for themselves. It is my desire for everyone I encounter to experience what I see in them. I want to help you move out of crisis mode and be present. When you discover your happi, finding what’s right becomes easier than searching for the problem in everything. I want to open your eyes to that. There is no agenda or menu when you work with me. I meet you on your level to achieve what’s most important to you – discovering and claiming your happi.

My Goals for you

  • I want to reassure my clients that there is nothing wrong. We are raised in such a negative society and we are always being told that if things aren’t perfect something must be going wrong.  In reality, it is life happening

  • To remind people that they are not too busy to take time to be happy and focus on themselves.

  • To create a safe place for my clients to grow. I want to establish complete honesty, so they can get through the tough part of our consciousness to make life easier to manage.
  • To educate people that we are truly all geniuses in our respective fields and we need to explore what are true talents are and utilize them for fulfillment.